How our club started

A prospective new bowler arrived on the stoep at the Ferndale Bowls Club. He wanted to know when this beautiful club was started as he stood gazing at the two beautiful greens.

The Main Skip could not contain himself as he was one of the twenty founder members in 1972. “You have come to ask the right person,” says the Third out of the blue. He was the oldest member of the club and was full of self-importance.

“No,” said the Main Skip, “you were not even a member when we functioned out of the Ferndale Community Centre.”

Before the Third could take it all in the Lead started telling our new bowler about the Bowling Green Roller bought from Australia in 1996. Words failed the Main Skip as everybody had something to add about District Association Presidents, Club of the Year in 2005, and headquarters for the Open Interprovincial.

The Main Skip paused giving a deep sigh and said, “who would like another drink?” He was glad he said that because a silence fell over the group and he was in charge again.

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