New Members

“Our new bowlers at the club are interesting and bring new skills to our club,” the Main Skip commented.

The silence that followed gave the Main Skip encouragement to sit upright as she had everyone’s attention. “Yes, just think we have a genuine jockey who is very keen on playing bowls here. Now, our local punters can have first-hand information and make money!”

This was very interesting information and everybody on the stoep took some time to digest this and wondered if they should also enquire about the gee-gees and take advantage, wasn’t making money fun? Human nature is that way isn’t it?

A long silence prevailed, but the Main Skip was not finished yet. “Another interesting new bowler, with brand new bowls, shoes, bag and lots of chutzpah has joined and is bringing his family and his pedigree with him. His mother was a provincial player and taught her son well.” That got everyone talking of how the league was progressing and how welcome our new bowlers are.

It was only once the Main Skip had said that the club will be getting a pre-paid electricity meter, and that another member of the club was instrumental in getting this past the Randburg Municipality, that new drinks were ordered and all sat on the stoep looking out at the green and some players practising.

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