Plover birds!

It wasn’t that we did not pay attention to the newest addition to our Plover family’s babies, the parents were sitting on the nest, but suddenly little grey balls were moving on the bank at South Green. The babies have hatched!!

The Main Skip was the first to notice them and told us that there are three babies. “I have never been able to tell the difference between the sexes,” the Old Skip said. “Can you imagine if we all looked the same, for example, looking like the Grumpy Skip?”

This caused a lot of hilarity as we all tried to picture what Ferndale Bowls Club’s league team would look like.

“Look here,” the Grumpy Skip said, “one day you’ll find everything has changed and you won’t see anything to laugh about.” We winked at each other and said, “well, we could also all look like ‘The Youngest Member’”. This got us out of trouble and the Grumpy Skip took a swallow of his beer and stared at the hill of South Green.

To change the subject the Main Skip said with dearness, “we will always remember John with such fond memories as his ashes were strewn on the top of South Green”. This was a sentiment shared by all of us as we all loved him, the gentleman he was.

Several of us (the old members) realised that we should warn the new bowlers that these Plover parents are quite vicious when you go near their young chicks. We were all pleased when the Kind Member said, “the little chicks sometimes fall onto the green and then you have to take your own life in your hands and help them up to the grass as very concerned kamikaze Plover parents dive-bomb you!”

Who would not want all three to all survive?!

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