Remembering Christmas

Mother Time has marched on and it was January again. We did not think it was funny during December to have all these SMS’s to win big, less than a week to shop, save big and you have won millions in prizes up for grabs! Shop on line from take a lot dot com. We are inundated with technology, advertising and more confused than ever before.

“It is so ridiculous that at Christmas time,” said the Kind Member, “that commercially we are bombarded with worldly things and forget that this is the time Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ all over the world”.

“Well, our Committee was really proactive last year, “she continued. “The Christmas decorations were beautiful and really set the scene for a Season of Goodwill here at Ferndale.”

“Actually the ‘Secret Santa’ was a great success and brought the club together with blessings of togetherness and mindfulness of what Christmas was really about – family, friendship and love for each other and God!” she continued.

The Main Skip expressed agreement and added that we also now have a Ferndale bowls website!

“So, how many more sleeps to Christmas day?” asked the Grumpy Skip.

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