The new season

“It will soon be the new bowls season,” says our Main Skip looking out on the Chester Hollis green from his vantage point of the stoep at the club.

“I don’t know what was old about the last season,” the Third answers gruffly. We all know the Third is getting old and wants to be difficult to cause a bit of drama. “I think it all has to do with the new barefoot bowls the club tried to introduce,” he continued, “and then what sort of evening is a Mafia Evening, are we in Italy now?”

Some of us spluttered and thought, “here we go again”.

Well the main Skip was not going to let this go and started to say, “we have had so much fun in the 2015 season, that the new season can only be better and more exciting.”

“What about Joe and Jimmy winning the JBA senior men’s pairs?” the Second asked suddenly. He made further remarks about the Pick n Pay Trips, the Twilight bowls and the lovely food every Friday evening.

“In the old days,” the Third announced, “it was different! Bowls in the old days ……”

“Yes! Yes! We know,” the main Skip interrupted, “I know all about the old days. In the old days ladies had to wear dresses and stockings and make sandwiches.”

We all burst out laughing because bowls is different now, and far more exciting.

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